Rasperry Ketones Plus

Is This Another Weight Loss Myth?

You have probably tried all the weight loss claims out there without any success. You are almost giving up because you feel like it is useless to continue wasting money and time. Then a new one comes up; they always come up when you have not yet made the final decision. You heard about this one from a friend, or came across it as you were surfing the internet; it’s Raspberry Ketones Plus.

Does it work? Is it just another one of those moneymaking schemes used by bogus firms to fleece innocent people struggling with weight problems? Get the facts right:

Raspberry Ketones Plus is a weight loss supplement in form of capsules. Each capsule contains ten active ingredients. Here is a breakdown of the contents and their amounts per capsule:


Raspberry Ketone (100 mg)

This is the main ingredient. Its work is to facilitate the release of a hormone called Adiponectin in the body. Your body needs this chemical to breakdown fats.

Raspberry Ketone does not contain Adiponectin- only your body can produce that. However, research has shown that the more fat a person accumulates in their bodies, the less Adiponectin they produce. In order to maintain high levels of the hormone in your body therefore, you need this particular trigger. 

Green tea extracts (25 mg)

The benefits of green tea are very many. It not only contains vitamins and minerals that enhance different functions in cells, but also has catechins and polyphenols that act as antioxidants.

 However, in a normal teacup, the concentration of these is too low. By conservative estimations, you’d have to take about three or four cups of the finest tea to get the same amount of catechins and polyphenols that you can acquire in one Raspberry Ketones plus capsule. While this does not mean that one should replace tea with these capsules, you can reduce tissue damage more efficiently and enhance cell performance if you combine the two.

RKPlus_SupFacts_LRGCaffeine extracts

Caffeine makes you active. The number one cause of weight gain is the brain’s reluctance to spend energy; its goal is to accumulate as much energy as possible and only release it when very necessary. Caffeine literally pushes your brain to become “extravagant”. This makes it a very important ingredient for weight loss.

Acai Berry Extract (10 mg)

Antioxidants are the main reason why medical experts recommend people to eat berries. Acai berry has a higher concentration of these components than most other fruits.

Grape fruit pectin (25 mg)

Pectin is a soluble fiber that is present in all fruits. Grape fruit pectin however is unique because it stays around the internal organ linings for a longer duration, thereby regulating blood sugar more efficiently. When the body cannot get quick sugar supply from food, it has to breakdown its fat stores to cover for this deficit. This enhances weight loss.

Apple cider vinegar (25mg)

When dissolved inside the body, powdered apple cider vinegar does the same function as its liquid form. The most popular function of apple cider vinegar is its ability to improve insulin response by body cells. This is quite beneficial, not only to diabetic patients but also to overweight individuals who risk getting diabetes.

Resveratrol (10 mg)

Studies on Resveratrol have shown that the chemical has capacity to minimize damage of epithelial lining of the heart and other body organs. It also promotes health of cells and reduces effects of poisoning. Daily intake of Raspberry Ketone Plus provides you with adequate supply of Resveratrol. Healthy cells are able to work better towards eliminating excess fats and providing your body with constant energy.

Kelp (25 mg)

Kelp is a popular source of natural iodine. The component helps to promote functions of the thyroid glands, thereby boosting the body’s immunity. However, kelp is also rich in other important minerals including iron, phosphorus, and calcium among others. It also has vitamin A, which makes it efficient at skin nourishment.


Based on the above constituents, it is true to say that Raspberry Ketone is one of the right weight loss solutions. The product combines many acceptable techniques to ensure that your body gets rid of excess fats in a safer way. Before use, ensure that you read all the instructions for best results. Try it out and see.