How to keep your body fit even in hot summers?

Jogging along the beachside on a bright summer day can be a great moment of joy. But, working out in summer means, keeping your body hydrated for long hours so that you do not suffer from sunstroke or feel dizzy. Though summer fitness is a good option, it usually becomes harder to exercise in the hotter months.

So, what are the healthy and natural ways of keeping those kilos under control even during summers?How to keep your body fit even in hot summers

Keep taking plenty of fluids

To keep away from the heat, and maintain coolness in your body, you have to drink plenty of water at least fifteen minutes before you start your exercise regime. Your body loses the water content in form of sweat at the time of workouts. So giving yourself a break between a routine and sipping in some fresh fruit juice or cold water can help you stay hydrated while cleansing your body naturally, which works wonders on fats.

Keep taking plenty of fluids

Choose water sports

Summer is the best time to get involved in some water sports such as swimming, diving or water surfing, to maintain your body fitness. These sports allow you to stay in the cool waters while enjoying an outdoor activity. It is also a very refreshing experience for people who love the sun but still do not want to experience strokes or burns.Choose water sports

Enroll into a gym

The best way to beat the summer heat and even fight against your weight is to exercise indoors. The easiest way you can do it, is to enroll into a gym which has all the essential equipments for weight loss, personal trainers who can guide you properly and of course the cool air conditioning to help you stay calm. You can either workout in the mornings or in the evenings according to your convenience, but do follow up your exercise regularly to gain a healthy body.Enroll into a gym

Eat light food

Eating too much in summers not only makes you sweat heavily but also releases bad odors from your body, which can be quite displeasing. So always eat five to six small meals which include lot of fruits, tender coconut water, buttermilk or oats. Also avoid heavily loading your body with onion, garlic, spicy and oily food as it just accumulates fat that is hard to lose and makes your body smell disgusting.Eat light food

Avoid the harsh sun

A cool breeze hitting your face while you’re jogging can literally make you very happy. This is true especially during summers. But this is possible only when you exercise during the morning or evening hours, when the harsh sun rays are not directly above your head.

So, divide your exercise regime for the specific time of the day when you do not come in direct contact with the sun for long hours. You can do stretches in the morning and cardio workouts in the evenings or other such exercises by keeping the routine short and comfortable to suit your body. This also keeps you away from sun allergies or heat bursts which might get severe if not taken care of at the proper time.Avoid the harsh sun